November 27, 2022


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Iga Swiatek wrote a letter.  Yes, it really is for Radwanska Tenis

Iga Swiatek wrote a letter. Yes, it really is for Radwanska Tenis

Iga your lips (1. In this) Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine has shown its support for its eastern neighbors who have been immersed in the battle. A manifestation of unity with the Ukrainians is the arrangement organized by the leader In this Event “Iga Christmas and Friends for Ukraine. “As I informed the player, I managed to collect 2 million zlotys, and the total income will be allocated to help Ukraine.

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Several companies have tried to create a tennis simulator designed specifically for FIFA football. How do you do Matchpoint?

Iga Świątek urges Agnieszka Radwańska to return to the tour

The most interesting tone of this event was Game Swiatek with Agnieszka Radwanska. In a one-group duel The more experienced players are, the betterBy defeating the current star Tennis 6: 4. After the match, the leader of the world rankings wrote a few words on the lens of one of the cameras in her own style. For a long time, it conveyed its support to Ukraine in this way. But this time, she sent a message to Radwańska. – Agha, back to the round! – Świątek wrote as it relies on the return of the Polish tennis star to compete on the world’s courts.

Swiatek hits his friends off the field. “They took off the Ukrainian tapes after two games”

Not only Świątek and Polish fans I would like to see the 2012 Wimbledon finalists return to the round. It all started with this year’s Wimbledon, where Radwańska played doubles at the Legends Show alongside Jelena Janković. The former runner-up in the ranking presented herself with a very good side, and even the experienced friends with whom she competed persuaded her to return to the competition. After the tournament, the player quickly dashed all hopes. – Let’s deny it at once. I won’t go back and I don’t plan to go back. I’ve played Debunking Myths here and I’ll stay at it, Radwańska said, thank you.

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Iga your lipsThe emotional appeal of Iga Świątek. Everyone will remember her words