Russia-Poland playoff match.  There is a decision about the stadium

The hosts of the semi-final match had a long time to think about choosing the right venue for the match with Poland. December 9 is the time to inform UEFA of the venue of the match.

In the end, Russia decided to hold the play-off with the Polish national team in Luzhniki, Moscow – the largest stadium in Russia, equipped with artificial turf.

The choice of this stadium by the hosts, among other things, by considerations related to the coronavirus pandemic. It will be able to accommodate the largest number of spectators, for example if it is necessary to reduce the capacity of the stadium in half.

The 2022 World Cup play-off between Russia and Poland will be played on 24 March 2022.

If Piao Zeroni wins, it will be the host country of the match against the winner of the Sweden-Czech Republic match. The playoffs deadline has been set for March 29.

The Russia-Poland match will start on the 18th.

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