Australia.  New South Wales.  A sand trap trapped in a metal ring

A group of Australian divers captured a sandworm trapped in a metal ring. The video shows the object cutting deep into the fish's skin. They tried to help her.

A group of divers swam off the coast of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, in late March. While diving, I caught a sandworm on the recording. A metal ring was wrapped around his body and pressed firmly against his skin. Divers reported that the fish was 1.6 meters long.

As Amelie Tchibo, a participant in the expedition, said, the metal object appeared to have cut the skin of the fish.

Tavros with collar

– Nowadays, laptops come with a high-quality graphics card. “I couldn't do anything to help. I felt very sad,” Tchibo told local media.

The video below was posted on social media. As Tshepo said, it is a call for people to put garbage in containers and reduce the amount of waste.

The case of the animal trapped in a metal ring has been reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries. A department spokesperson told 7NEWS it was unlikely he would be helped.

“It is extremely difficult to respond to such reports. Locating this particular animal and then getting close enough to remove foreign materials or obstructions has proven extremely difficult in similar attempts,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement.

I floated the taroush sand with a metal ringReuters, Forster Dive Centre

Garbage floods the oceans

According to WWF, about 130,000 tonnes of plastic ends up in Australia's oceans every year. Seals, sharks, dolphins and turtles get tangled in the garbage, and in many cases end up dead.

Taurush sand (Taurus caracarias) occurs in the warm waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and particularly favors the subtropical region. It lives at the bottom, usually above the sand.

withReuters, Forster Dive Centre

Main image source: Reuters, Forster Dive Centre

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