At ICI Premier |  Serge Theriault is back in a special show

Serge Theriault, who has been out of the public eye for years, will take part in a special radio show hosted by Stéphane Laporte and broadcast at the ICI Premiere in December. actor small life He will share the microphone with his old partner, writer and comedian Claude Meunier.

The special, which will air on December 24 at 5 PM, will pay tribute to the lives of the two comedians and long-time friends. Milk and milk has Ding and dong. It was their first interview together in twenty years.

Suffering from severe depression, Serge Theriault has withdrawn from public life in recent years. The documentary will be released in 2021 Out Serge out Paints a portrait of a reclusive and reclusive actor who systematically refuses to leave his home.

The previous fall, she made a moving return to the cameras wearing a Moman nightcap while filming the last of six new episodes. small lifePresented on

For two hours, various guests will take turns at the microphone to share memories of the duo, including Michael Rivard, Michael Barrett, Kailine Tremblay, Marc Messier and Yvonne Deschamps. The program will conclude with new performances by tenor Marc Hervieux and impersonator André-Philippe Gagnon.

The rerun of the show will air on December 25 at 11 am.

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