French comedian Blanche Cordin, “LOL: Qui rit sorte!”  He reveals the astronomical amount that Amazon offered him to act in the film.

Blanche Gardin, one of Europe’s most popular comedians, has taken to social media to publicly respond to Amazon’s request to appear in the fourth season of the French version of the popular show. LOL: Who comes out laughing!. In her affirmative message, she explained the reasons behind her refusal to participate in the show and revealed the salary she was paid for a day’s shoot.

Blanche Cardin’s pocket definitely doesn’t have a tongue. On stage, he is known for his frank and crude jokes. The 46-year-old French comedian is live on social networks.

In a lengthy letter to wealthy Amazon executive Jeff Bezos, he said Cardin’s invitation to participate should be declined. LOL Who comes out laughing!. “It was only one day of shooting, and only here, that day, I understood that I have a dentist. And as the third richest man in the world, you know that it takes good, long teeth to succeed in this world.

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If the charity I love wins 50,000 euros, “even if I lose at your game it would be embarrassing to get paid 200,000 euros for a day’s work. , 4 times less, again and again , only if I win.”

The comedian then drew up a list of Amazon’s problems, according to him, the company “doesn’t pay its taxes in France and even benefits from a billion euros in tax credits when it has a turnover of 50 billion euros.

He ended his long post by telling Jeff Bezos that if he was thinking of completely rethinking his business, “Maybe you can call me later. And I can accept. Lol.”

Contacted by NewspaperProducer of the Quebec edition, LOL: Who will laugh last?Richard Speer, who did not want to disclose how much the show’s participants are paid, said with a laugh that the amount was smaller than in France.

As for the second season of the show, hosted by Patrick Hart, the cast will be complete and will include only “A” performers. Newspaper Learned from another knowledgeable source. Details about this new season “will be released in due course, just like last time,” Spear said.

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