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Duke and Duchess of Sussex begin New Year’s Eve Party season at home. When he appeared on the tuned Ellen DeGeneres show last Thursday, he was consulted About plans to celebrate the next , Which is a corner.

Megan, from Sussex, said she will be in charge of preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday. “I love cooking. We will be at home and quiet. This is our second Thanksgiving ceremony at our home in California, so it would be great..

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DeGeneres, who lives with Sussex in the upper Montecito neighborhood, later joked: “What time do you have to come?”.

Megan’s perfect turkey

In 2016, the Duchess of Sussex revealed it I once cooked the perfect turkey Thanks for a photo he deleted from his Instagram Ooty, Where the former actress reclaimed the glory of her culinary success.

Posting his photo near a beautiful turkey, he wrote: “Oh, at that point I roasted a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey! The question is, Can I do it again? There is pressure! “.

In 2016, Megan from Sussex revealed that she once cooked a perfect Thanksgiving turkey. (Photo: Instagram)

Sussex and California

Megan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, They moved to California last year To his son Archie, who is now 2 years old, after officially relinquishing his duties to the British royal family. In June, they welcomed their daughter, Lilliput.

Megan told DeGeneres Enrique “loved” California. “Well, we went here during the isolation, when things were closed, we were able to spend more time at home and build our house, but I think the lifestyle and the weather are so much better. But we are happy ”, Said the former actress.

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