iPhone will be protected from Pegasus monitoring.  iOS 16 with new lock mode

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Apple only copies from others? Nonsense. These three devices changed the world of technology [TOPtech]

apple It is famous for the fact that it pays great attention to the security of its devices. protection IphoneIt is considered extremely difficult to crack, but even Apple has had mishaps in this area. Now the company has recognized one of them.

Apple revealed a vulnerability that allows it to control the iPhone

Apple has published two reports describing the discovery of a serious vulnerability in its hardware software, allowing you to bypass security. The vulnerability could allow you to control a large number of Apple products. It mainly concerns iPhones (iPhone 6S and all files latest models), certain iPads (including the iPad Pro and Air 2), and Macs with macOS Monterey.

Apple has admitted that an anonymous cybersecurity researcher first noticed the vulnerability. in Report addedThat “this issue may have been actively exploited”. The company has of course already released relevant updates containing patches to fix the issue. Experts recommend updating affected hardware systems to the latest versions as soon as possible.

as noted AP . AgencyVulnerabilities similar to those just disclosed are being exploited by commercial companies such as NSO Group. is the Israeli company responsible for creating Pegasus, that is, the software that has been raised in recent months on Vistula (the presence of Pegasus has been revealed on the phones of, among other things, Attorney General Ewa Wrzosek, attorney Roman Gertich and the politics of the Krzysztof Prejsa Civic Platform).

Pegasus can, among other things, monitor all operations performed on the phone, record video and audio and send them to the software operator in real time or steal Messages and eavesdropping on conversations. The program was officially used to fight terrorism and organized crime, but it is known unofficially that it has been used in some countries to eavesdrop on opposition politicians, journalists or activists who are unfavorable to the authorities.

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