As of March, there are higher limits on how you can earn extra money for old-age and disability pensions.  Note, you may lose your advantage! [18.02]

Pensioners and pensioners with disabilities who have received an early retirement pension or a disability pension and who receive benefits from the social insurance institution can earn additional income based on established income limits (these do not apply to women over 60 and men over 65). Since March, these people have to monitor their earnings – because it could lead to a reduction or complete suspension of their pension.

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– The amount of their income should be supervised by people who are on early retirement or on a disability pension – Reminder on the portal Iona Kowalska Matisse, Regional Spokesperson for ZUS in Lower Silesia.

From March 1, 2022, the limits will apply Revenue limits are higher than in the previous quarter. In the studio, we explain what changes are and when a pensioner may lose entitlement. We inform you who can sleep peacefully and not worry about limits, and we provide information on retirees who can overstep the limits without fear of reducing the amount of benefit paid.

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Note, retirees who have reached the world retirement ageCan sleep deeply. If they earn extra money for their pension, you don’t have to worry about limits – these don’t apply to them. ZUS will not suspend or reduce the amount of benefits paid to them.

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