These are the effects of the Polish bargain for pensioners.  ZUS shows numbers

A pensioner who receives an advantage of 2088 zlotys “on hand” thanks to tax changes will receive 2275 zlotys from the new year, or an additional 187 zlotys per month – according to the calculations of the Social Insurance Institution. But not all seniors will benefit. Someone will lose in the Polish Lada.

Thanks to the increase in the tax-exempt amount to 30,000 PLN, from next year all pensions will be exempt from income tax Up to a total of 2500 PLN per month.

From pension and disability benefits to 2,500 PLN No withholding tax will be deducted at all. Only 9% of the health insurance fee will be deducted so far. However, what is important – it will not be tax deductible, as it is today. But despite this, the benefit to the hand will increase.

A pensioner with a total benefit of 2,500 PLN gets 2,088 PLN. Thanks to his changes The interest on the hand will increase to 2275 PLNBecause he will not pay the tax of PLN 187 per month. It’s 2,244 PLN a year – says ZUS spokesman Bowie Szybrowski.

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