Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down the film, which grossed $355 million, and he regretted his choice.

In 1996, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down a hit film that is now enjoying a second life with Nicolas Cage on Disney+.

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Before becoming governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in huge projects like Sagas. Terminator has Hunting. However, the actor, now 76, isn’t flawless and doesn’t always make the right choices. “I’m so sorry I didn’t The RockIn 2022 he responded to a fan on Reddit who asked him what role he regretted turning down. “I love the movie, and it turned out really well in the end. But when they gave it to me, it was only an 80-page script with a lot of handwriting and writing and It doesn’t look like it’s over. But obviously they did a fantastic job.”He added someone who was approached for the role, which was eventually given to Nicolas Cage.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger missed out on a $355 million movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger missed the jackpot because The movie was released in theaters in 1996 and is currently available for viewing Disney+It was very profitable. According to the report of the Spanish specialized site, we are talking about a revenue of 355 million dollars Sensation. Knowing that the film’s budget was $75 million meant a huge added value. At that price, the film was very popular with the public, earning 85% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. He is one Considered one of the best action films of recent decades. The trio created Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery and Ed Harris, directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The recipe for success is still valid on the sites almost thirty years later.

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A beautiful bond between Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery

The connection between Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage never faded. The youngest logically paid tribute to the elder when he was reported missing on October 31, 2020. “I really enjoyed Sean. I was the happiest person to work with him – his wisdom, humility and intense honesty guided me from the moment I met him. He was my friend and my greatest film teacher. The first star to combine drama, action, adventure and comedy. Everything. Effortlessly and gracefully done. We will miss you, maestro.”Nicolas Cage responded in a press release People. An accomplice that never stood a chance for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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