March 29, 2023


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Apple: You will die unless you buy our equipment

Apple: You will die unless you buy our equipment

Apple is undoubtedly appalling, but thus eloquent, encouraging you to buy an Apple Watch.

Apple is known to be able to base its marketing on emotions, but it turns out it doesn’t have to be positive at all. While owning an iPhone has become defined as belonging to a particular subculture, and working on a Mac is sometimes associated with style and professionalism, the Apple Watch will be a crucial tool for life or death.

In the place of an ad that lasts a little more than a minute – with the meaningful headline 911, let’s stress – product stages Three accident casesHis victims eventually went unharmed thanks to the Apple Watch on their hands.

Although there aren’t any flashy bangs or bottoms here, there is some seriously compelling voice acting. As if it was taken alive from Emergency HotlineAs the victims were calmed down by a worker trying to figure out the details, they pleaded for help. Someone is trapped in a sinking car, another person has fallen from a great height, yet another person is drifting, being thrown into the sea.

Of course, there is also an epilogue and a happy ending, because, as we can read, the protagonists of the story – Jason, Jim and Amanda – are aided by a watch. saved in minutes.

Disabled comments and criticism on the web

Of course, as you can imagine, not everyone liked this form of advertising. Suffice it to say that the Cupertino company made a decision disable comments on youtubeAnd only 24 thousand. Likes for nearly 330 thousand. The opinions speak for themselves.

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An interesting and balanced opinion is provided by Sean Hollister of The Verge. As the journalist notes, citing functions such as fall detection or arrhythmia alerting, the Apple Watch can actually be a very useful device in terms of health. However, the journalist criticizes declaring fearWhich, in his opinion, may be suitable for an insurance company, but not for a technology company.

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Text source: Apple, ed. King