Dying Light Platinum Edition for Nintendo Switch is official!  Techland confirmed the new version

As we announced last month, Dying Light Platinum Edition is heading to the Nintendo Switch. Techland just revealed a special edition of the game at a gamescom event. The title will debut on the market in 2021.

We were the first editorial office in the world to announce Dying Light Platinum EditionBecause one of our readers (thanks, Graczdari!) provided us with specific information regarding the production. We’ve even seen box items before and today Techland confirmed the release.

Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch! The game will be available with four main DLC packs and 17 skin packs.

As it turned out, Techland has prepared interesting additions, because the chest will also contain a map, survival guide and stickers, but the final details of the new version will be published “soon”.

The new version of Dying Light was mentioned in today’s stream – the preview section comes in at 18 minutes 29 seconds. Certainly, there will be enough people who will return to Harran to see what Techland’s hit looks like in the new colors.

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