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Leaving studio staff free to enjoy the Elden Ring

Leaving studio staff free to enjoy the Elden Ring

February 27 2022, 10:22

The head of the Pocket Pair development studio has given his employees two days of paid vacation so they can enjoy Elden Ring.

elden ring It was one of the most anticipated premieres this year, also among other game developers. Head of Japanese studio Pocket Pair (working on Kraftopia) Established Give their employees with paid time off, so they can enjoy the new creation of From Software.

CEO of Takruo Mizobe in the news on Twitter He admitted that he realized that his employees would not be able to focus on their work on the day of the premiere of the new movie From Software, so he organized “Elden’s Holiday.” The employees did not have to come to the office on Friday, however they would be paid for that day.

The studio gave the employees a day off to enjoy the Elden episode - Illustration #1

Source: Twitter.

Moreover, this offer also applies to tomorrow, which, in addition to the free weekend, will allow studio employees to spend four days in the world elden ring. CEO Takuru Mizubi does not expect to return to work until Tuesday.

I remember that elden ring It debuted on February 25, simultaneously on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. The game was received Exciting gradesBut it has technical problems. Especially the PC version disappointing In this regard, but Modifications have already appearedWhich reduce some shortcomings.

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