Apparently they give tickets to those who don't remove the registration sticker from the windshield

  • The regulations changed on September 4, 2022. At that time, vehicle tags and inspection stickers were no longer issued

  • Registration stickers no longer have any legal significance

  • Due to the new obligation to re-register the car, the issue of stickers has returned. The question arises: what if the numbers on the label do not match?

What changed on September 4, 2022? Since that date, the issuance of vehicle cards and control stickers (so-called registration stickers) is no longer necessary, because vehicle registration authorities and road traffic control authorities have access to the Central Vehicle Register (CEP). Thanks to the mPojazd app, the car owner can also check the car's history online.

Registration sticker and fine

You can find articles online stating that some drivers run the risk of being fined because of the registration sticker. Why? After all, the new regulations do not require drivers to remove them or penalize them for driving with the sticker still on. So where did the idea of ​​delegation come from?

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Presumably, the risk group includes those drivers who have re-registered their car (for example after purchasing it from the previous owner), put new plates on, but have not removed the sticker from the window, so it bears a different number than the one on the registration certificate. this is not true. On September 4, 2022, registration stickers ceased to be issued and no longer have any legal significance. It doesn't matter what is written on them or whether their numbers match the numbers on the plates. There is no penalty for this. This is one of the many internet myths.

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Change in regulations effective January 1, 2024.

The reason for the return of the subject of registration stickers was the regulations that came into effect on January 1, 2024. From that date, we became Commitment to re-register the car 30 days after purchasing it. Until now, you only had to report the purchase or sale of a car to the office, but there was no obligation to re-register the car. It is this regulation that could significantly reduce the number of cars with black plates, although – as we mentioned – the end of these plates is unlikely.

Anyone who does not re-register will be subject to the following penalties:

  • PLN 500 for a vehicle owner who has not submitted an application for vehicle registration within 30 days;

  • PLN 250 for the registered car owner who did not notify Starosta of the sale of the car;

  • 1000 PLN for entrepreneurs who run a company in the field of vehicle trading.

New owners of cars with black plates who want to keep the black plates at all costs will have to accept a fine of PLN 500 from this year.

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