artificial intelligence.  Elon Musk and hundreds of people are calling for a halt to development of more powerful models of GPT-4

The letter was published by the Future of Life Institute. Its authors argue so Advanced AI could “profoundly change the history of life.” On Earth”. Therefore, its development should be approached with caution.

Unfortunately, this level of planning and management has not yet been reached although in recent months we have seen AI labs engage in an uncontrollable race to develop and deploy increasingly powerful digital minds, No one – including their creators – can properly understand, predict or control them Note the signatories to the letter.

“Let’s stop developing artificial intelligence for six months.”

The authors of the journal argue that the uncontrolled approach to the development of artificial intelligence poses many threats to humanity. They exchanged, among other things, disinformation, the mass automation of labor, and even the replacement of people by machines and the “loss of control over civilization”.

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And here’s why He called for a six-month break from training AI systems The recently released version by OpenAI exceeds GPT-4. This model is able to pass tests of different types at a level comparable to the best test takers. They also called for the implementation of comprehensive government regulations and oversight of the new models.

Among the signatories is Elon Musk

Among the signatories to the letter is billionaire Elon Musk. In addition, it was signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, head of Stability AI Emad Moustak (manufacturer of the Stable Diffusion image generator), and AI researchers from Stanford, MIT and other AI universities and laboratories.

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