Ant-Man – Why Did Edgar Wright Quit Directing the Movie?  Screenwriter about the reasons for leaving

Director Edgar Wright Known for producing eg Emptying the deadAnd child driver if Last night in Soho He has been associated with the first part of the movie for years ant Man (2015). In 2006, Marvel Studios hired him to direct the project and co-write the screenplay with Joe Cornish. Both of them have previously expressed their interest in following the adventures of this superhero.

In that period ant Man It was supposed to be a standalone movie, unrelated to the MCU, which has yet to be made. Joe Cornish In an interview with The Playlist, he wanted to explain why the Wrights abandoned this project they had worked on for so many years, thinking back to when it was about theaters. the structure (2003), and Jon Favreau has yet to begin work on it Iron Man. At the time, he said, superhero cinema was a primitive genre and not seen as something fun.

We’ve been working sporadically [Ant-Manem] for eight years. During this time, the landscape and technology have completely changed. Viewers love superhero movies. All the things that people loved in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s in comics were suddenly brought to the screen in a really straightforward way that it hadn’t been before.

voidPhoto: TriStar Pictures // Edgar Wright (left) on the set of Baby Driver

In 2014, I’m working on ant Man They were in an advanced stage. Ultimately, the director dropped out of the project due to differences in vision for this film with Marvel Studios. Choose the name in its place Peyton Reed. Joe Cornish commented:

It was ahead in the sense that Marvel didn’t necessarily want the original movie that Edgar and I wanted to do because they had this monster on their hands at that point. They had this universe where the movies had to come together. Edgar is the author. Edgar Wright makes Edgar Wright films. Ultimately, this is probably why this happened.

The text created by Wright and Cornish has been revised by Adam McKay And Paul Rudd. Both creators hold no grudge against Marvel Studios’ decision. In addition, Cornish added that much of what he and Wright had written remained in the script.

We also feel connected to this cast because Edgar cast him. The outlines are still there.

Wright’s departure was very shocking Evangeline Lilly (Hope) and Paul Rudd, who played the title character, were considering withdrawing from the film. finally ant Man He was a great success. Another production was created – Ant-Man and the WaspAnd on February 17, 2023, download the third part of the adventures of this superhero Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession. It’s supposed to start the MCU’s Phase 5.

Ant-Man – Photo


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