Disney Plus - What will he watch?  We have picked the most interesting movies and series

Disney Plus – What do you watch with the kids?

What to watch Disney In addition to solace? If you are looking for the best Movies For the whole family, you couldn’t find a better place. In the rich offer of Disney Plus you will find many notable films, among which there are animations of fairy tales and products of various actors. If you are looking for a good idea Movie For a joint family check, find out which Disney Plus shows are particularly worthwhile.

Interesting animated films for the whole family:

“Rhea and the Last Dragon” (2021), dir. Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada

Adventure movie fans will not regret meeting Raya and the last dragon. This story began in ancient times, when humans and dragons lived in harmony with each other. Unfortunately, dragons must defend the world by sacrificing their existence. After 500 years, the brave Princess Rhea decides to find the last of them, and wants to ask him for help in fighting the forces of evil.

other great animationThat will appeal to the whole family:

  • “Zwierzogród” (2016), der. Byron Howard and Rich Moore
  • “Our Magic Encanto” (2021), monastery. Jared Bush and Byron Howard
  • “Tangled” (2010), dir. Nathan Greeno and Byron Howard
  • “Viana: Treasure of the Ocean” (2016), dir. Ron Clements and John Musker

“Avatar 2” – this year’s premiere of the second part of the cult movie!

Interesting representative films for the whole family:

“Pinocchio” (2022), dir. Robert Zemeckis

When searching for the latest Disney productions, it is worth paying attention to “Pinocchio”. The story of a doll made of wood, dreaming of becoming a real boy, fascinates with its wonderful atmosphere. The picture perfectly combines analog production and CGI technology. The film crew includes, among others: Tom HanksLuke Evans and Cynthia Erivo.

else Interesting suggestions for a family show:

  • “Wyprawa do jungle” (2021), monastery. Jaume Colette Serra
  • “The Forest Book” (2016), dir. Jon Favreau
  • “Aladdin” (2019), dir. Guy Ritchie
  • “Cruella” (2021), dir. Craig Gillespie

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What to watch on Disney Plus: Interesting movie shows for older viewers

I wonder what to watch Disney Plus? In addition to the most interesting movie shows for young viewers, the platform has also prepared captivating hits for the older audience. If you are looking for a good movie for the evening, check out which one Stories Worth knowing. Among the shows for adults from the Disney Plus platform, you will find both animated dramas and fairy tales climateas well as the original horror movies.

“Fun at the Burial” (2019), dir. Matt Bettenelli Olbin / Tyler Gillette

If you like horror movies with an amazing atmosphere, check out Grace (Samara Weaving) story. The bride gets caught up in a strange game, the rules of which determine the family of her chosen one, Alexa (Mark O’Brien). A woman quickly realizes that her life will be at stake in this game.

Other movies worth watching for older viewers, available on Disney Plus:

  • “Servants” (2011), dir. Tate Taylor
  • “Three Billboards Behind Ebbing, Missouri” (2017), dir. Martin McDonagh
  • “Le Mans 66” (2019), dir. James Mangold
  • “The Shape of Water” (2017), dir. Guillermo del Toro–

Black Panther: Wakanda is in my heart“Black Panther: Wakanda in My Heart” – When is the premiere? Check what is already known

Disney Plus – What do you see: Best series

Looking for a suggestion for a longer session? turn on necessarily Disney Plus. What do you see on the broadcast platform? When you want to discover the most exciting stories, you can choose that TV series Original and interesting products that you will find in the presentation of the site. Disney Plus has prepared the perfect suggestions for fans of superhero stories straight from the world marvelIn addition to highly addictive sci-fi shows that can intrigue fans of the saga “star Wars”.


One of the original series from Disney Plus is The Story of Loki. The character, known from the Marvel movies, surprises with new adventures. This time, the God of Deception (played by Tom Hiddleston) steps in with the help of the Timeline Watch Organization. The hero has to deal with a new mission to stop the huge threat.

Other interesting series shows available on Disney Plus:

  • Star Wars: Clone Wars
  • “The Mandalorian”
  • What do we do in the shadows?
  • “Ms. America”

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