Iron Dome hit.  Hezbollah’s great achievement

It is worth noting that It is not known how much damage the strike caused. Ultimately, it did not have to be particularly dangerous, and the Israelis could quickly return the launch pad to full operational efficiency.

Hitting the rocket launcher in itself is a major success for Hezbollah, because… It shows the possibility of penetrating Israeli defenses. However, this is not a huge achievement, because launch pads are only the most basic and cheapest component of Iron Dome. The air defense system itself was not excluded from combat.

It is considered Iron Dome One of the most effective air defense systems in the world. It is a short-range defense system mainly used by Israel to destroy short-range missiles, artillery shells and drones at a distance of up to 70 kilometers.

One Iron Dome battery contains 3 to 4 launchers. There’s one for each of them 20 Tamir missiles. Its effectiveness is ensured by the EL/M-2084 detection and tracking radar, combat management system and weapons control. The radar detects incoming targets and provides guidance to the missile in the middle of the trajectory. Thanks to its phased array antenna (AFAR) and 2D electronic scanning, the EL/M-2084 detects up to 1,100 objects.

it is expected that Iron Dome shot down 90% of its targetsSince it entered service in 2011. However, some people criticize the system because of its costs. The cost of one battery is up to 50 million dollars, and a standard interception of an enemy missile costs between 100,000 and 150,000 dollars.

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