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Marcin Różalski’s return to KSW was not successful. In one of the main fights at the Toruń party, the former heavyweight champion faced Errol Zimmerman on a K1 basis in small gloves. The duel ended in the second round.

Waldemar Osowski

Różalski in the fight against Zimmermann

Press materials / Viaplay / Pictured: Różalski in a fight with Zimmerman

From the first seconds, Errol Zimmerman started with low kicks on “Różal”. However, it was the Dutchman who quickly fell off the boards, but the judge decided that was the result of the slip. The former KSW champion started to respond. Finally, they both made a strong exchange of blows.

Zimmermann hit the ball hard in the grab and it was the first time he got counted. “Bone Breaker” followed the blow, pushing Różalski onto the defensive. After one of the acts, the pole mistook his foot and fell on the carpet. However, he was able to get up and get back into the fight, even though it was obvious that he was suffering from an injury.

In the second round, “Różal” was counted for the third time. The 43-year-old clearly did not give up and stood up again. In an instant he fell back onto the boards and the referee stopped the duel.

Errol Zimmerman made his debut at KSW. In an interview after the fight, Izu challenged Ugonoh. The Dutchman is a true legend in the world of kickboxing. In his career, he fought more than a hundred duels, won dozens of times, and defeated his rivals. He is the winner, among others, of the European K-1 World Grand Prix and Superkombat Heavyweight Championships. In his career, he dealt with kickboxing icons such as: Simi Shilt, Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven.

Marcin Różalski returned to KSW after more than five years. In the previous fight, during the Unforgettable KSW 39: Colosseum Celebration, he knocked down Fernando Rodriguez Jr in beautiful fashion. In the 16th minute of the match, he won the heavyweight belt. After that win, the Pock native packed up the title and hung up his MMA gloves. Before Różal made his MMA debut, he fought in kickboxing and Muay Thai. He won the ISKA and WKA World Championship titles in the K1 formula.

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