Another German supermarket chain invades Poland.  It features low prices and huge promotions

In recent months, several large German supermarket chains have experienced a dynamic development on the Polish market.

We recently wrote about Woolworth, which has successfully conquered many cities in our country. Another chain that, as it develops, may pose a serious competition to Biedronka or Lidl is Mix Markt.

New network – development

In March, the company opened a store in


. This is the brand’s third store in Poland. Its location is Ozimska Street. Other stores are located in

Tarnow and Kraków.

Retail chain in food industry

Mix Market

The company says that it specializes in selling international products and occupies a leading position in this field in Europe.

The first Mix store was established in


Since then the network has continued to grow and is now represented in numbers

344 supermarkets in Germany and Europe.

German series assortment

According to information provided by the chain, every Mix store owns it

A wide range of specialties from many European and Asian countries

effectively supplemented with pharmaceutical and household products.

In the Mix Market store you will find products such as:

Ukrainian dumplings, Bulgarian dairy products, Balkan meat and meat products.

The Mix Market collection also includes:

Fish products, dairy products, ice cream, various frozen products, cakes, preserved vegetables, forest fruits, cereal products, beverages and alcohol.

Locations outside Poland, the company’s target

“We have set ourselves the goal of offering a unique shopping experience to our multicultural customer base with a wide range at an excellent price-quality ratio.” – We read on the company’s website.

Blend stores are also available in: Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic and Cyprus.

The giant from Germany is already in Poland. The store is rapidly conquering new cities and offering huge promotions

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