Agora Solidarity collective increases, how many people will leave what severance payments crisis

on Friday agora He announced that the mass layoffs, scheduled for November 21-December 21, will affect a maximum of 84 people. He explained that the goal is to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of operations in the company.

– due to economic and financial factors, that is, the economic crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine, which, inter alia, led to: an increase in paper prices and due to unfavorable forecasts for the development of the economy in the coming quarters, changes are required in the organizational structure of the company – as explained in a statement The company’s stock exchange.

On Friday, Agora began consultations with its unions. Solidarity’s management announced that it had convinced the company’s management of the need to quickly process the layoffs within two days.

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– We remember Mass layoffs of workers from previous years, during which they were dismissed from work day after day for several weeks, as a result of which workers and workers found themselves in a psychologically difficult situation. That is why today we have proposed not to extend the layoffs in time – and have received confirmation (from Wojtek Bartkowiak and Adam Węgierski) that this time the dismissal will take place within a maximum of two days (i.e. November 21 and 22 this year) – described.

Second, Wojtek Bartkowiak agreed with our assumption that the possibility of voluntary departure from administrations threatened with redundancy was added.

“Solidarity” in Agoura will help the dismissed

This was confirmed by the “Solidarity” authorities They will do “absolutely anything to keep the number of dismissals to a minimum, and for those who cannot be saved, they will win the best exit rules”.

– During previous group layoffs, we were able to agree with management on better terms than those stipulated in the regulations – usually one or two additional payments each – they were reminded of that.

– We don’t know if we will succeed in reaching an agreement with the Board this time, or whether we will withdraw from signing the agreement – and accordingly there will be different legal implications (we will inform you about it). We will select the best for male and female employees, recognized trade unionists.

They also announced that they would financially help the separated people. – Since this assistance will be funded from the contributions of our members, we will only pay the premiums to those who belong to us and pay the subscriptions. They stressed that it is now too early to determine the amount of the allowance and the criteria that we will adopt to pay it.

– At the moment, it is difficult to say how many meetings will be required to reach a compromise (or just to break up) – perhaps two will suffice: today and Thursday. We will, of course, keep you informed of everything – negotiations will continue on Thursday until the evening, we will make the next announcement on Friday morning at the latest – I announced Solidarity.

AGORA will also inform the relevant Employment Office of the intention to carry out the layoffs. The company announced it in the next announcement already After consulting with the trade unions, he will provide an estimate of the provision for layoffs. The provision will be charged to the company’s result in the last quarter of this year.

Agora itself is responsible, inter alia, for activities in the field of journalism (Gazeta Wyborcza and magazines) and publishing books, CDs and websites ( in the foreground). Radio, cinema, outdoor advertising and programming activities are carried out by other subsidiaries of the Agora Group.

Previous mass layoffs in AGORA in 2019

At the beginning of November Another round of talks has been planned between the Agora board and trade unions about possible reimbursement of inflation supplements. Under previous arrangements, Agora employees and their regular partners Reaching 8.3 thousand in August, they received bonuses in the amount of PLN 1,351 to PLN 1,751 of the total.

Previous mass layoffs were carried out at the company in the spring of 2019: He bid farewell to 147 employees from the printing houses in Biacha and Tecci, and the two factories closed shortly thereafter..

However, in the spring of 2020, shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, Agora planned to lay off most of the employees of its Goldenline subsidiary. finally 26 people said goodbye to her as part of the voluntary departure.

In the first half of this year. Staff costs in the entire Agora capital group rose 22.3%. to PLN 181.8 million, and the total earnings of directors increased from PLN 1.19 to PLN 3.84 million. Employment in the entire capital group increased by 88 to 2,375 jobs.

In the second quarter of this year. Agora Group with an increase in revenue of 30% to PLN 261.8 million and EBITDA earnings from PLN 14.7 million to PLN 26.1 million, reported a net loss of PLN 17.6 million (compared to a loss of PLN 9.9 million in the previous year). The revenue of Helios cinemas increased even more, and advertising revenue increased by 9.5%.

Discounts in RASP and Burda

Two other press and internet publishers also announced deep cuts in their portfolio and hiring. In mid-September, Ringier Axel Springer Polska announced the end of this year. “Auto Świat” will be closed weekly, and will be closed, and “Przegląd Sportowy” will be published only twice a week.

The company plans to cut about 8 percent. your employees, I just got an agreement on this with the labor unions working in it.

while Burda Media Polska has decided to close almost a dozen print titles: the monthly magazines “Party”, “Claudia”, “Dobre Rady”, “Burda Style” and “Sielskie Życie”, as well as all other titles from the sectors: guides, garden, kitchen, crafting and true stories. Only six journals will remain in the publishing house’s portfolio.

– The above-mentioned decisions are related to job cuts, and the company’s board of directors is currently in dialogue with employee representatives – as stated in Al-Burdah’s announcement.

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