Anomaly in the foreground.  The Russian tank began to move

There are at least two recordings of this event, which were posted, among others, on Twitter.

In the first video, you can see a round patch of black earth, from which the lawn was torn apart by the Russian T-80BV that was driving here. As the description shows, he was driving for a long time, because the left caterpillar was damaged as a result of the Ukrainian bombing. The crew also died and the engine continued to run.

The recording instantly circulated the network. Within half an hour, it had been viewed nearly 100,000 times on just one Twitter account.

Internet users soon found out that there was a second video, which was later recorded. This time the tank is still standing as a Russian soldier walks on it. Moments later, he died from the explosion of the bombs he dropped.

Note that the material below contains violent scenes.

He has not yet mentioned where and when the accident occurred.

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