Russia: Deputy Defense Minister at the funeral of a relative who died in Ukraine

Captain’s message. Adam ShamshojioThe relative of the deputy defense minister who died in Ukraine on Saturday appeared on Russian social media. According to these reports, Shamshoyev, who served in the army as deputy commander of a company, Died on the night of May 20-21.

Both the Russian Ministry of Defense and the authorities Ingushetia His death was not reported. Yevkurov was the leader of the Republic of Ingushetia for more than 10 years North Caucasus inpart of the Russian Federation.

On Sunday, Baza TV published a recording of Khamkhoyev’s funeral in his hometown Karabochak In Ingushetia the recording shows how Yefkuru greets the elders. The source said that the deputy minister expressed his condolences and flew to Moscow.

Yevkurov became Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister in 2019. Prior to that, from 2008, he headed Ingushetia; In 2009 he was subjected to an assassination attempt. He held various commanding positions in the Russian Airborne Forces; He is a general in the General Intelligence Directorate (GRU). He participated in operations in the North Caucasus.

In 1999, he led the capture of Kosovo’s Pristina airport by Russian forces shortly before NATO forces arrived there. The operation infuriated the United States, but in Russia it was considered a daring act.

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