June 9, 2023


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Anna Przybylska learned of pancreatic cancer a year before her death.  The first symptoms were ignored

Anna Przybylska learned of pancreatic cancer a year before her death. The first symptoms were ignored

It hits theaters on Friday, October 7th Movie documentary”Anya“This tells a story Anna Przybylska. The actress passed away in 2014 at the age of 36. The star was suffering from pancreatic cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease a year before her death. The first symptoms of a tumor did not worry anyone.

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Anna Przybylska died of pancreatic cancer. The first symptoms are often underestimated

Anna Przybylska She took great care of her health. The actress regularly underwent preventive examinations. In one of the interviews, she admitted that her father died of pancreatic cancer. She didn’t want to let the same thing happen to her at any cost.

My father was much older when I was born, he was 36 years old. When he died, I promised myself that I would never be an old mother, because I would never allow my child to be left without one of his parents. Because I know how awful, the worst that could happen. It leaves a mark on the soul for life – she said in “Vivy!”

Unfortunately, despite regular screening, the cancer was not caught early enough. The actress’s tightness and the first symptoms were explained by exhaustion and stress.

All this is easily explained: comprehensive care for a group of children, stress, professional duties. The fact that depression may be the first symptom of pancreatic cancer is unknown to anyone close to Ania (…) stress and responsibilities can also be explained by the fact that Ania lost weight within three years. Even a healthy lifestyle is a good explanation here – we read in the biography of the star.

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Pancreatic cancer is a very insidious disease. You may be asymptomatic for a long time, and when they appear it can be confusing. The first symptoms of this type of cancer are: chronic fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, diabetes, and even depression.