Andrzej Grabowski: He changed the role in "Kiepski".  The actor is 70 years old!

Andrzej Grabowski admits that as a teenager he looked like a famous singer.

“I even signed for Grechut shortly after I took my high school graduation exam in Chrzanów. The girls knew I wasn’t Grechuta, but they wanted autographs from me anyway… Although it’s incredible today, I was really the same For Grechuta ”- he admitted in an interview with PAP Life.

“I chose this profession because of stupidity and immaturity. I didn’t tire myself out to become an actor, I took life as it is. I got my high school diploma at the age of 17, and because my older brother was in drama school, I saw what the academic evenings were like. I loved this life, and having Older girls are also impressive, ”Andrei Grabosky said in one of the interviews.

A special place among all theatrical roles of Grabovsky is occupied by two plays by Bogoslav Scheffer: “Scenario for Three Actors” and “Quartet for Four Actors” – directed by his brother Mikowaj.

Andrzej Grabowski graduated from PWST in Krakow in 1974, shortly after starting work at Teatr im. Juliusz Słowacki in Krakow, with whom he was associated for many years. He first appeared in front of the camera as a student in the Wojciech Marczewski series “Odejcie, Returny” (1972), but had to wait for his first major movie role until 1989, when he appeared in Feliks Falk’s Capital, or How to Make Money in Poland. In the following years, we saw him in “Death Like a Slice of Bread” by Casimir Kotz (pictured), “Saber of the Commander” by Jean Jacob Kolsky or “Love and Do What You Want” by Robert Glinsky.

Another important role for Grabovsky was the performance of Andrzej Jurewicz in the series “Boża podszewka” (1997) directed by Izabella Cywińska. He also starred in Jerzy Hoffman’s “With Fire and Sword” (a drunk gentleman in Pilawce camp), “Like a drug” by Barbara Sass (an uncle from London) and “Superprodukcja” by Julius Macholsky (Andrzej G. gangster). “I separate my private life from my professional life. I don’t enjoy adjusting faces in front of photojournalists, and I don’t care whether I come out in pictures right or wrong. I don’t care much about criticism, unless one of them is really true. But we go out on stage to judge.” Every actor has something of a showmanship, ”- he said in an interview with“ To i Owo ”.

Grabowski gained particular popularity with the role of Ferdynand Kiepski in the TV comedy series “Świat according to Kiepskich” which aired on Polsat in 1999-2005. After a year-long break, the series is back on the air and is on the Polsat schedule to this day. “Some people will probably find this hard to believe, but I consider this sitcom a clever production that perfectly shows our vices in a completely absurd way. However, I understand someone who thinks this is entertainment at the lowest possible level” – Grabowski admitted in an interview with the magazine “This And that.”

“The role of Ferdinand forced me to show something new in acting, and a radical change – the mentality too. If not for the work in this series, I would not have played Gebels in Pitbull as I did. I am grateful to Patrick Vega for the opportunity to show myself. From the other side ”- Grabowski showed A previously unknown face in the criminal movie “Pitbull” (2005). He reprized the role of “Gebels” in the revived series in the films “Pitbull. New Orders” and “Pitbull. Dangerous Women”.

“It is impossible not to notice that you are one of the most privileged and professionally pampered actors. You have not left the theater since you graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow. In your very rich career, I find a long list of influential dramatic roles that, despite popular perceptions, have been classified as a comedian. , but the classification of the highest category, because comedy is one of the most difficult types of theater, which everyone who had to perform the task of making the audience laugh. , and carries the audience’s joy” – the president of ZASP, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, wrote to Andrzej Grabowski in 2014 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the actor’s theatrical career.

Since 2014, Grabowski has been a sworn member of the “Taniec z Gwiazdami” program. The actor does not hide that he does not know how to dance at all; At the Polsat show, instead of evaluating the dance skills of the participants, he focuses on inventing children’s songs from Chistochova that are attached to the performance of stars.

Work on “Dancing with the Stars” and his constant presence in the group “The World According to the Kipses” does not prevent Grabovsky from appearing on the cinema screen. In recent years, he has created expressive supporting creations, including. In “Pod Mocnym Aniołem” by Wojtek Smarzowski (Granada’s doctor), “Demon” by Marcin Wrona (father of the bride), “On the border” by Wojciech Kasperski (Lech) and “Pokota” by Agnieszka Holland (President Wolski).

“I do not like to watch myself, because it always surprises me: this is what I look like? Oh, my God, am I playing this? I thought I played differently, and that’s what I do, my God. These are unpleasant impressions, so I prefer to avoid films with my participation ”- Andrzej Grabowski said in an interview with Newseria Lifestyle.

For over twenty years, Andrzej Grabowski has been associated with actress Anna Tomaszewska. They have two daughters – actresses Zuzana Graboska and Katarzyna Graboska.

Recently, Tomaszewska revealed the reason for filing for divorce.

In an interview with the weekly “Na Żywo”, she first mentioned the time when their daughters were young. She admitted, “When we were playing plays, we had to take babysitters. The girls were sensitive and shy and shy. I was very worried about it.”

Later, she also referred to the moment of their separation. “He has practically stopped being at home,” Tomaszowska said in an interview with Na Yoyo newspaper. “I didn’t really know where he was and why. I was 49 and decided relentlessly to fight for myself. We broke up.” weekly.

After breaking up with Andrzej Grabowski, Anna Tomaszewska entered into a relationship with Krzysztof Piasecki, with whom she still forms a happy pair. Andrei Grabowski After the divorce, he again stood on the wedding carpet. His marriage to Anita Kruszewska lasted till 2018. Currently, the actor is dating Aldona Grochal.

Although we won’t see him this year in “Dancing with the Stars” (Polsat has discontinued production of his dance show), new episodes of “The World According to the Kipsakis” are unlikely to happen – Andrei Grabovsky can’t complain about the lack of classes. Only in 2021, up to ten performances were shown on the screens with his participation.

Andrzej Grabowski was seen in the second part of the Netflix horror film “In the Woods Today Nobody Sleeps” (Sergeant Waldemar Goizdaka), he also appeared in “Children’s Republic” by Jan Jakob Kolsky (Angel Rafay) and “The Second Half” by Marianne Lesky , editor-in-chief of “Wydarzeń Sportowe”). He also made expressive creations in the popular Netflix movie “How I love a gangster” (rugby coach, later a salesman at Lechia Gdańsk), and Patryk Vega “Pitbull” (Jacek Goc “Gebels”). ) and the series “Pajęczyna” (Edward Gerrick).

However, his best performance, half autobiographical in Songs about Love, awaited its premiere, playing the prominent stage actor Andrzej Jaroszyński, who is increasingly criticized for his adoration of popular tastes.

According to “Super Express”, Andrzej Grabowski collects up to 150,000 PLN for a screen role. It is easy to calculate that last year more than 1 million zlotys were added to the actor’s account.

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