January 30, 2023


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Pokemon evolution is coming.  A new series about famous creatures will appear for free on YouTube

Pokemon evolution is coming. A new series about famous creatures will appear for free on YouTube

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon brand, fans will be able to feast their eyes on a brand new series, the episodes of which will be shared on YouTube.

The past few months are definitely a good time for all fans of the Pokemon series. We recently obtained specific material from the expected material Pokemon Legends: Arceuswho should be In response to the calls of many fans of the brand. Moreover, a few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that The Pokemon TV app will appear on the Switch – Absolutely free.

And if you don’t have enough, it’s worth mentioning A new series has also been announced – Pokemon Evolutions. Well, in fact, say a little, you would definitely call it a mini-series that is closer to the truth. We’ll have eight episodes, the first of which will start on September 9th. How do you see them? Perhaps that’s the best part – they’ll all appear for free on YouTube and in the aforementioned Pokemon TV app!

However, this is not the end of the interesting news. The information shows that Each subsequent episode will focus on a different areaWhich anime and video game fans know well. According to the plan in place, the following parts will be released every week (with an interval of more than a month in the middle), and now it is as follows:

  1. Hero (Callar region) – September 9;
  2. Eclipse (Alola District) – September 23
  3. Al-Busira (Kalus District) – October 7
  4. Plan (Unova District) – October 21
  5. Rival (Snoh region) – 2 grudnia;
  6. Desires (Hoenn District) – 9 grudnia;
  7. Show (Juhtu District) – December 16
  8. Discovery (Kantō Region) – December 23.
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It looks really interesting and promises to be a delicious treat for all fans. The only thing left for me is to invite you to the trailer, which reveals that the intensity will be really high. I don’t think I need to encourage pocket creatures fansAnd I would encourage everyone else, because it can be really fun.