She was losing 0:6, 0:5 and 0:30.  Then the tennis mode "Renew Mars" was activated

The duel of the Spaniards and Belarusian It was one of the most exciting qualifiers for the indoor tournament In this in Budapest. Marina Bassol was one step away from an obvious defeat multiple times matchHowever, she managed to turn the tide of the competition and win.

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The Spaniard smoothly lost the first 11 matches

Spanish in the first group Tennis player She didn’t have much to say. She lost all matches on her own service and in only 23 minutes of the complete set 0: 6. The Belarusian, who was better equipped in this clash, seemed to not give up the victory and would confirm her advantage in subsequent exchanges.

Even a point in the second set it seemed so. Marina Bassols put her opponent in slightly more difficult circumstances, but this time she was not able to stand up to her. She lost her first five matches, two of which were in front. Later, something happened that rarely appears in the courts.

An amazing comeback and victory. “Regeneration of Mars”

Although in the sixth half of the second group Spanish She was already losing 0:30, suddenly the situation started to turn. Not only did you win this game, but later on, you started playing it in a completely different way. The Belarusian lost three times to serve and even though she had three balls Match matchesThe Bassols saved them all and won seven games in a row, leading to a tie in sets.

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The third group was more equal. The Spanish tennis player advanced 3-0, then 4-1. Julija Hatouka managed to catch her and lead to a 4:4 tie. The ninth match in which the Belarusian woman lost her serve was decisive. The final gem is Bassoul’s show and smooth win.

Such situations on tennis courts are very rare. – You can’t give up. The truth is I didn’t think of going back, I was fighting for every point and I felt good. When I won, I couldn’t believe it – Bassols quotes “Mark” daily, who described her win as “the renewal of Mars”. Thanks to the victory, the Spaniard qualified for the final qualifiers for the tournament In this in Budapest.

Although she lost to Hungarian Fanny Stollar (357th WTA) in the final, she reached the main tournament. However, she bid him farewell in the first round after losing to American Bernarda Pera (130 WTA).

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22-year-old Marina Bassols has had the greatest tournament success so far ITF. She won seven of them, two of them in 2022. She was the best in ITF Madrid and the ITF Palma del Rio.

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