An extreme exoplanet larger than Jupiter.  Wind speeds there reach 9000 km/h

Exoplanets can be very different. Some worlds outside our solar system are so extreme, their conditions have nothing in common with what we know on Earth. This is definitely one of those things WASP-43b, or Astrolapus. Scientists decided to take a closer look at this exoplanet, and for this purpose they used the James Webb Space Telescope.

The outer planet is Astrolapus Larger than Jupiter Its mass is approximately twice the mass of the gas giant in the solar system. This world is closely associated with the star (WASP-43) and is close to it. One A “year” there lasts only 19 hours.

Planet WASP-43b is connected to the star in a similar way to the Moon’s connection to Earth. That means it is Facing her on the same side all the time. This of course makes it very hot during the day. So much so that iron melts there. Temperature Up to 1250°C. The night side isn’t much better. Temperatures there are about 600 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the temperature on Venus.

Analysis of the exoplanet showed that clouds are high above the surface on the night side. However, they do not occur during the day because it is very hot there. Temperature gradients in this world make It blows there at tremendous speeds of up to 9,000 km/h! This explains the lack of methane in the atmosphere.

WASP-43b is a type of exoplanet Hot JupiterIt is a gas giant located close to its parent star. This world remains Discovered in 2011 It was therefore the closest planet orbiting this type of all the planets known to astronomers at that time.

Astrolapus is located next to a K-type star called WASP-43 It is about 284 light-years away from us. So far, only one exoplanet has been found nearby. But this does not deny the existence of others.


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