An expert from Austria evaluated the import of labor to Poland.  “Lying and myopia”

Poland is depopulating. The fertility rate is the worst since World War II. This is a terrible signal for future retirees. According to the data of the Social Insurance Institution, more than two million foreign workers are needed so that the pension system does not collapse within 20 years.

This problem was noted by Philipp Thier, an Austrian historian dealing with migration and transformation in Eastern Europe. In an interview with Die Welt newspaper, the expert assessed the immigration policy of the PiS government, which aims to close gaps in the labor market. However, he did not give a good note.

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Poland imports “huge amounts of labor”

He notes in an interview reported by “Deutsche Welle” that imports in Poland, as well as in Hungary, are currently “Huge amounts of manpowerFrom faraway countries, including Nepal and Bangladesh.

Despite all the government propaganda against Muslims, workers are needed. But it is organized according to the classic guest worker model. There are limited stays and these people are expected to return. This, of course, is nonsense, Philip Thier says.

The Austrian expert explains that the Law and Justice government assumes that economic migrants will return for temporary residence at a later date. We are talking here in particular about the performance of “minor services” for which it is difficult to find employees. But according to Thera, the employers themselves can decide on the failure of the immigration policy adopted by the Law and Justice Party, provided that Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s party rules in the coming period.

Why? The Austrian believes that after training the staff and “teaching them some words in Polish needed to perform simple services”, Employers don’t want to train new people in a year, two years, or five years. “Therefore, the idea of ​​a rotation of Turkish guest workers early in Germany was abandoned,” Deutsche Welle wrote.

Thier says Poland’s demographic problems are also serious for richer countries, such as Germany. – Because when you need, for example, a craftsman, you will no longer get the famous pole commissioned at the beginning of this century, – says the scientist from the Institute for Eastern European History at the University of Vienna.

Poland has shown that it is capable of assimilating Muslims

Philip Thier also notes that Poland is having problems competing with other countries for immigrants. This time it is about highly qualified personnel. For example, we are talking about the doctors who came to the country in the previous decades, for example. from Africa and the Middle East. A large part of them were educated in Polish universities, and then settled on the Vistula River.

– Will the well-educated Chinese, Vietnamese or Indians come to Poland now? I do not think so. This is why we have to bring in people from the poorest countries. And suddenly religion stops playing a big role. All of this is completely wrong and shortsighted Comments by an Austrian historian dealing with migration and transformation in Eastern Europe.

Philip Thier points out that changing Poland’s immigration policy will only be possible “with a liberal government”. The researcher explains that the Law and Justice Party government “would be very difficult to convey to the public, for example, that there is an urgent and continuous need for Muslims from Bangladesh” to try to keep them permanently.

– Poland was one of the few large European empires that had previously managed to positively integrate Muslims – They are the Tatars of present-day Crimea and southern Ukraine – the chronicler mentions him in “Die Welt”.

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