An exclusive trailer for “The Acolyte” from Star Wars Celebration has been leaked

It has been going on in London since Friday Star Wars Celebrationcustom event star Wars. on opening day Lucasfilm Outlines plans for the near future for the franchise. Three new films set in the universe have been announced and new information about the upcoming series has been revealed. Exclusive advertisements for startups that were not made available to the general public were also shown. One of them was a teaser the assistant. Fortunately for us – the material was recorded and in this form was leaked to the network.

You can watch the video here. Disney It takes care of all leaks very quickly, so we recommend you hurry up to view. Of course, we will try to monitor the situation and, if necessary, will update the source continuously so that the trailer is available to you. For now, you can only watch part of the full trailer, so below we’ve also included a description based on reports from the journalists present at Star Wars Celebration. This is what he promises the assistant.

The material begins with the sound of the Jedi playing in it Lee Jung Jae. The hero teaches the little ones by saying: “Close your eyes. Your eyes can deceive you. We cannot trust them.” The action shifts to another setting, as a masked figure walks through the crowd and enters the bar. In the background, he continues the narrative started by Capricorn: “The force is mighty. It is a force that must be respected.” A character is revealed in the tape Carrie Ann Moss – He sits down at one of the tables with a blanket. Followed by a shot showing a fight between her and the heroine Amandla Stenberg They wear a purple cloak and are armed with two knives. Clips of various scenes are followed by the Lucasfilm logo. The Jedi Temple is visible, and the characters appear Charlie Barnett And Daphne Keen – The first of them wields a yellow lightsaber, a snow location is revealed, a Neimoidian appears. Then an extra persona stenberg He says: “It’s not about good or bad. It’s about power. And who can use it.” The last shot shows a group of eight Jedi in a forest location, all of them shining lightsabers of different colours.

the assistant will hit on Disney + Next year.

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