Distance working.  Mistakes affect our productivity and our health

Ecommerce expert Tom Popomaronis has been working from home for over a decade. His “adventure” into remote work began, as he puts it, with the founding of his first startup in 2010. Since then, Popomaronis has learned the hard way. What are the mistakes that can affect the effectiveness of remote work, our productivity, our private life, and the general satisfaction with what we do. In an article posted on the CNBC Make It website, he shared his observations.

Mistakes that happen when working remotely according to a CBNC expert

According to research conducted at Northwestern University, employees—regardless of their profession— They are more productive when they wear clothes that remind them to “go to work.”. Running tasks in pajamas or gym clothes won’t put your brain into “work mode,” and can cause unnecessary stress when the need for a video call suddenly appears on the horizon – says the expert.

2. Work in bed or from the couch

Having a designated place in your home, with a comfortable office chair and a large enough desk, is a very important part of working remotely. The expert points out It is also worth taking care of proper lighting and moving your workplace closer to the windowfrom which sunlight comes. It can “improve mood, energy levels, and focus.”

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3. Not communicating with colleagues

Popomaronis stresses that it is very important to work remotely Regular communication with your manager and team. Ensure that everyone participates in the conversation […] It gives me, as someone who has managed a team remotely for many years, peace of mind – we read.

4. Neglecting your health

Telework, due to sitting in one position for a long time, can be associated with various ailments, including back pain and leg numbness. The expert recommends finding time to rest and move around during the day, for example by taking regular breaks and going for a walk.

5. No planning, no limits

People who work remotely can try Difficulty concentrating and concentrating. Popomaronis advises you to carefully plan each working day. You might also consider activating focus modes on your devices, allowing you to complete tasks without unnecessary distraction.

6. Ignoring the possibility of working remotely

The expert calls the possibility of working remotely “A great privilege” and draws attention to the fact that many people cannot afford it due to the obligation to be physically present in the workplace. Popomaronis admits that although it took him some time to get used to working from home, the opportunity has affected the development of his communication and computer skills and emotional intelligence.

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