June 7, 2023


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The Last of Us 2 with a revised story?  The fan tried to corrupt the game files

The Last of Us 2 with a revised story? The fan tried to corrupt the game files

It’s been nearly two years since the premiere of The Last of Us 2, but the sentiment is still fresh among many players. A Naughty Dog fan used special mods to influence the course of the game. [Uwaga na drobne spoilery]

Much has been said about The Last of Us 2 on our website. For some recipients this is the best production of the last generation, for others it is the biggest disappointment, but many players will remember the story given by Neil Druckmann for a long time. In the review available on our website, Vojtek discussed the adopted concept, which in many parts led to a number of difficult emotions:

The Last of Us 2 is nowhere to be compared to The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has taken care of a whole new show of emotions that you won’t experience on the couch while watching the next production for Netflix. I still remember the warm feelings in the story of Joel protecting the girl from dangers. Ellie’s journey is filled with rage and hate that I have yet to experience throughout my gaming career. These feelings are a hallmark through the sites of plague-stricken Seattle, and their intensity makes us feel pain. Ellie is ripening before our eyes, somewhere in the hustle of events, her femininity disappears, and the main theme of the game emerges very quickly: revenge. ”

One Internet developer decided to try to turn the tide. There were rumors at one time that some plot sequences in production might take a slightly different look, so Speclizer has made a number of different tweaks to break “text sequences in TloU2 and see how they affect the game”.

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However, it turns out that despite slightly different effects, Naughty Dog’s original assumptions won’t change, which seems to be the most obvious. As you can see in the material below, Ellie will not only fight in hand-to-hand combat, but will also receive a little heavier equipment in her hand – it will not guarantee her success during the fight with Abby. What’s more, though during some sequences we can get rid of some of the characters earlier, so they’ll go back in time – for example in the case of Mel, Owen and Whitney, where the handheld console will move in the air.

Unfortunately, we will not save one of the main heroes of the story, whose death caused a lot of reactions among fans of the studio Sony, so let’s treat the Youtuber’s video as a kind of curiosity, thanks to which we will see some unusual scenes. Some look very funny 😉

Interestingly, Speclizer did not attempt to tamper with the content of The Last of Us 2 for the first time – it once accessed the map and files directly related to the multiplayer game.