The black hole surprised scientists.  They've never seen anything like it before

In October 2018, a small amount The star is torn to shredsIt also came from a dangerous distance Black hole In a galaxy 665 million light years from Earth. However, this was not what caught the attention of astronomers of this type violent accidents They watch from time to time in the sky.

Almost three years after this celestial body was “consumed”, a black hole appeared blink again. But this time, scientists argue, it didn’t swallow anything new.

The results of a recent study conducted by Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge is a pioneer. – This totally surprised us. No one’s ever seen anything like this before Quoted in “The Astrophysical Journal” Yvette Sindislead author of the report presenting the results of the analysis of this phenomenon.

The team you’re leading has discovered that the black hole is now ejecting Matter moves at half the speed of lightBut the reason for this happening after a few years is still unknown. The research findings could help scientists better understand the “eating” behaviors of the black hole that Sendez has compared Burping after eating.

Astronomers first noticed Strange behavior of the organism in 2021using the VLA, or the Very Large Array – a huge astronomical observatory located in New Mexico.

According to The Independent, unusual readings indicate the presence of a black hole Unexpectedly came back to life. Since then, CfA’s team of scientists has been keeping a close eye on this part of the universe. The sudden discovery prompted them to point radio telescope antennas from different parts of the globe at the mysterious object to understand what was really going on there.

Thanks to the analysis of the radio frequency recording, it turns out that more than 600 million light-years have come from us Dramatic events. The black hole, which had been silent for three years, resumed its activity during its launch Radio energy explosion One of the most powerful programs ever recorded.

Scientists have another task ahead – they will try to better understand the processes occurring in the studied black hole and its behavior. They have to answer the question of whether or not beings of this kind do this all the time and observers have missed similar incidents. The first such case in historyWhich will be a milestone for astrophysicists studying these “space vacuum cleaners”.

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