Not everything is more expensive than last year. In 2022, as well as a year ago, drivers will pay more than now for third party liability insurance. However, this favorable situation for motorists may not last long.

average length Third party liability insurance is over In January 2023, it was PLN 491 – Rankomat informs According to the study, it is It’s 10 percent less than we paid in January 2022, when the average insurance price was 543 PLN.

Compared to January 2021, when the average contract concluded was 630 PLN, The difference is up to 28%. At a time when we had to get used to the high prices of almost all products, this was surprising information. But how long are we going to enjoy this situation?

not nessacary. In 2022, average policy rates have been declining almost steadily. However, in January 2023 this amount was already 3 PLN higher than in December 2022. If Cheaper liability insurance as a result of the price war Among the companies operating in the market, it is possible that it is at its height. When the situation breaks down, drivers feel the excess again. However, it is very likely that not all of them will be.

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For safe drivers, the system operating from mid-2022 may change the situation Sharing fines data with insurance companies. Thanks to this information, provided already at the premium estimation stage, insurance companies can estimate their risks on the basis of hard data. It is clear that a driver who repeatedly and radically breaks the rules is more likely to cause a traffic accident than a law-abiding motorist.

Each insurer can decide whether to use this data, and if so, how. If OC rates increase in the future, it could turn into that Not equally for every driver.

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