'Alien: Romulus' with limited CGI?  Fede Álvarez focuses on traditional special effects
Is the move away from computer-generated special effects becoming a trend in Hollywood? We wrote a few weeks ago that Tim Burton focused on traditional special effects on the set of the “Beetlejuice” sequel. Read: Michael Keaton on working on the set of 'Beetlejuice' Beetlejuice: 'Great fun.' We now know that Fede Alvarez adopted a similar strategy when working on “Alien: Romulus.”

'Alien: Romulus' with limited CGI? Fede Alvarez on visual effects

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fede Alvarez talked about working on the special effects. The director, who joined the team working on James Cameron's legendary film, declares that he tried to use as few computer-generated special effects as possible, focusing on traditional methods such as miniatures of spaceships.

I try very hard to avoid green screens, so we built a set and models for each creature – He said. Everything had to be built, so we really lived in these places. But I'm not hardcore against computer effects either. I come from a background where I learned how to create visual effects myself. I still do it myself on set. Sometimes I edit and work on effects on my computer. The idea is to use what works best in a particular shot. But when it comes to meeting a monster face to face, nothing beats traditional effects.

“Alien” on the Bloody Talk podcast

You can learn more about “Alien” on the Blood Talk podcast. We remind you of the episode in which Michał Walkiewicz spoke with Oktawia Harasińska.

What is Alien: Romulus? Watch the first teaser

“Alien: Romulus” takes place between the events shown in “Alien – 8th Passenger of the Nostromo” and “Alien – The Decisive Engagement.” The titular Romulus is the wreckage of a Weyland-Yutani research station floating in space. It's a tasty morsel for a group that specializes in “recovering” valuable items from abandoned space stations and ships. It soon turns out to be a deadly trap. The star of the film will be Cailee Spaeny. Watch the first teaser:

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