Maria Dubska on Kalina Yudrusik: I was seduced by her impudence

“The bravery and rudeness of Kalina Yodroczyk completely seduced me,” says Maria Dubska, who played the legendary artist named “The Colored Bird of the People’s Republic of Poland” in the movie “Because of the Sex in Me.” In an interview with Katarzyna Sobiechowska-Szuchta, the actress tells what, according to her, the Jędrusik phenomenon, what the preparation process for the role looked like and what the film had a contemporary message.

Maria DubskThis is in the picture Because there’s sex in me take the turn Kalina JędrusikShe is one of the nominees for Best Female Role in Ending Today Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. What was the artist’s phenomenon called, in her opinion? The first hardcore of the Polish People’s Republic?

One of the main features Kalina JędrusikWhat seemed special to me from the very beginning of the preparations for the film, is its shame. I think we are often embarrassed, from the moment we are very young … we hear: “It’s not good for you if you are not ashamed, you should not do this. A girl should not …” I think boys hear the same thing. And Kalina was a unit that was, in a sense, devoid of that muzzle – says Maria Debska. He adds: There is a part of the film in which a man says to Kalina: “Oh my God, you don’t have brakes at all.” And she replied, “I have, but I don’t use it.” There is something exciting about it, because often these brakes in life cause us to make wrong decisions or not make them the way we want to, or try to get into the framework that someone is trying to pressure us into. And she wasn’t doing that. Although we see her in this film at the moment when doubt arises, because she hears that she does not suit her, and that no one wants her … But this courage and rudeness completely seduced me – The actress confirms.

Dębska was preparing for her role in In the movie “Because I Have Sex”. For a year and a half. She had to change physically for the role – including. Weight gain 10 kilos.

It was a big change because I’m not a tall person. On the one hand, it was a physical journey, and on the other hand, it was an emotional journey as well. For women, weight gain is often associated with some emotional deterioration. And here it was necessary to feel comfortable with myself. It was not easy, because actresses tend to lose weight and I learned to live strictly and to feel guilty when I ate something … And here you had to relax and eat everything that was offered to me greedily – It tells the role of Jędrusik.

She adds that in this process of physical transformation, she has had support from among others coaches and nutritionists. Production treated me like Hollywood. Preparations were also associated with long hours of exercise in the gym, because I had to build mass, and it became an hourglass: a narrow waist, large buttocks, a wide back. So I lifted weights and then ate. There were a lot of these changes in my appearance: haircuts, dental work… but they actually made me feel ready when I got to work. – Dębska admits.

W Because there’s sex in me Music plays one of the main roles. The actress entered the studio with Composer Radosław Luka to the studio and we started recording songs that we could hear in the movie.

At first I tried to imitate Kalina JędrusikAnd then it turns out that this is not the case at all. I should have his color, but this is not a TV show or cabaret where I’m supposed to parody or imitate the artist – Dębska says. She admits that she is not a fan of musicals herself. I really wanted it not to be silly or untrue, so the songs that went into the movie had to be completely mine. Kasia Klimkiewicz was very keen on the set to shoot different versions of the sound of “viburnum”. The idea was for the viewer to bear with the way Kalina carries her voice and feels comfortable. So we launched several multipliers: more with my voice, and at the end Cassia said: “Now be 100 percent Kalina” – He tells the actress.

When asked what young women watching the movie could take away from the film’s story, the actress replied: It’s a very interesting look at the way we used to look at women in the past, when someone would try to put us on a list, that something had to go down, that we needed something. (…) I know from the accounts of Kalina’s relatives that she often did not know what to do, felt lost, and, on the other hand, had the courage to be herself. That’s the movie’s message to me: just have the courage to be yourself, which is so hard. To take care of your borders, like her: “The fact that he gives you everything on screen doesn’t mean you can pick me up and stick me like plasticine.” I think that’s very modern in this movie.

“Because There Sex In Me” will be released in theaters on November 12. The film presents an important part of Kalina Jodrewicz’s life, which you can safely say is the greatest icon of Polish pop culture.

This is the story of the ups and downs of her amazing career. The events in Jędrusik’s life are accompanied by the crazy fun of the then social cream, the filmmakers assure.

He plays Kalina Godrosik in the movie “Because I Have Sex”. Maria Dubsk. Her husband – writer Stanisław Degat – plays Leszek Lesota. On the screen we will also see other colorful characters of Polish culture: Kazimierz Kutz (Boris Szyk), Tadeusz Konwicki (Paweł Tomaszewski) or the creators of Old Gentlemen Cabaret – Jeremi Przybora (Rafai Rutkowskiand Jerzy WasowskiDariusz Basinski). Weronika Bilska is responsible for the cinematography, and Wojciech Żogała is responsible for the design of the set.

Because there is sex in me. Watch the movie trailer for Kalina Jędrusik!

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