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This year, Alija Bachlida-Courou will be vacationing with her 13-year-old son, Henri Tadeusz, in Poland. Why is she nervous about visiting Podhill?

Alija Bachlida Corus She started her career as a young girl. She is known to a wider audience for her role as Zosia in the film adaptation Mr. Tadeusz Directed by Andrzej and Jeddah. Then she appeared several times in Polish and foreign productions. Currently, he is continuing his career in the United States.

On the set of the movie ondine met Colin Farrell. They start dating each other. The fruit of their union, the son – Henry. In 2011, his parents divorced. Since then, Alija has been taking care of the boy herself, but the actor takes care to maintain good contact with him.

Alicja has rebuilt her life and is happily in love again. Although she does not show her lover on social media or on the red carpet, some time ago, in an interview with the Jastrząb Post reporter, she accepted congratulations on her engagement.

I’m in a very good place. Most of all, I found the inner peace and happiness I had always hoped for. I think it must be seen. However, I don’t talk much about my private life, so we’ll leave it at that. But I will accept congratulations, – said Bachleda-Curuś in an interview with Jastrząb Post.

The actress lives in Los Angeles, but she tries to be in Poland as much as possible because she misses her family and friends. The upcoming holidays will be special for her as she will be spending them in her home country.

Alicja Bachlida-Courou will be spending Christmas with her son in Poland. Why is he tense?

Alicia Bachlida Koro will come to Poland with her 13-year-old son. This year you will spend your holidays in Zakopane. It is true that her relatives live in Krakow, but it is in Podhel that she has roots and an extended family. The actress’s uncle, the former mayor of Zakopane, Adam Bachlida-Kuru, has a home there. He and his family especially cherished Highland values ​​and Catholicism.

Bachleda-Curuś admitted in an interview that staying in Zakopane can be a bit stressful. The reason is a great attachment to the traditions of her relatives.

Everything should be fine with them. Engagement, wedding and just a baby. Everyone knows him and follows him…but I’m not the only black sheep. My older brother Tadeusz is as rebellious and romantic as I am, – said the actress in an interview He lives.

Let’s hope that Alicja and Henry Tadeusz will take full advantage of the winter in Poland and have a nice vacation.

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