Alexandra Kwanevska tells about the Christmas traditions in her family.  "There should be 12 plates."  What about gifts? [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

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Alexandra Kwasniewska Last year she spent Christmas without her parents. Alexander I Julanta Kwaniewski Then they traveled to Switzerland and, for the first time in a long time, held Christmas in a small group of three. The presidential couple supported the then-born sister of Alexander Kwasniewski, who became a widow. But this year, the tradition will be fulfilled and the Kwasniewski family will once again be able to share the chip together.

This year I will spend Christmas with my father – said Alexandra Kwainevska in an interview with Gossip.

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Alexandra Kwanevska talks about her family’s Christmas traditions. There should be twelve dishes.

Alexandra Kwasniewska was a fan of the Kuba Badach. We know how she met her husband

Alexandra Kwanevska remembers the holidays as a child. “I was crazy about gifts”

Alexandra Kwaśniewska admitted that in the context of Christmas Eve dishes, her family is very traditional. In an interview with Gossip, she told what was on the Christmas table.

Years ago, I realized that everyone thinks they spend Christmas “like everyone else” and actually spend each time differently. We should have 12 dishes, there should be carp and borsch with dumplings, although I know that different types of soup are eaten in Poland – as mentioned by Alexandra Kwasniewski.

Jolanta Kwaśniewska is truly the ‘perfect lady of the house’, and for many she can be the epitome of good manners and partying. We asked Alexandra Kwasniewska if her mother had an unfortunate accident. The journalist responded frankly.

I’m not afraid (laughs), or I don’t remember it. My mom strives for perfection, and I also have such a defining trait about me that I don’t cherish any bad experiences in my memory. – I remember only the good things, said the star.

Alexandra KwasniewskaAlexandra Kwanevska on the topic of not having children. resume

Aleksandra Kwaśniewska flashed back to her childhood memories and admitted that she lived through the Christmas period in a completely different way than now.

I remember all those holidays with great interest as a child, for example, I was looking for the first star. We used to spend this time with a big family warehouse, there were also other kids and lots of dogs. At the time, I was also crazy about gifts. Now I am looking into whether I have succeeded in making someone happier with my gifts than what I will get – I concluded.

We are glad that Alexandra Kwasniewska is spending Christmas this year with her loved ones. We wish her whole family a happy birthday.

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