Aldo Corzo, Jamila Dahabreh, Adrian Zela and many others attended the Pachacamac party, but the army intervened!  Romantic and fire show business |  Performances

Is the coveted over? Footballers and models were captured at Pachakamak’s biggest extravaganza, where members of the National Police and even soldiers from the military came to intervene. Such recognized characters were present at the event And .

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“Immunosuppression in Pachakamak”, ‘Amore y Fioco’ promotes progress in displaying footage of footballers Adrian Zilla And selected Alto Corso Near a woman.

I was at that place too Pablo Heredia, Former partner of Alessandra Fuller, as well as controversial model Jamila Tahabre. In addition, there is Jup Zoro.

Army and police personnel can be found on the outskirts of the El Valentino Coliseum, where the event, which brings together local entertainment and athletes, took place.

Aldo Corzo, Jamila Dahabreh, Zorro Zupe and many others are having a party, but the military is interfering !. Video: Love and Fire
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Is Louisiana Foster at the party too?

Apparently there were not only footballers and models at the Pachakamak party, but also reality guys from Esto S. Guevara like Louisiana Foster and Diego Rodriguez.

Last Monday, , Which leaves behind the love he allegedly had with Patricio Barodi in the past.

As can be seen in the video, members of “It’s War” shared a pleasant night with other friends, but Diego had some distractions, such as going to the bathroom with the model.

He attended the party the same night Lorena Celis, former partner of Diego RodriguezBut they did not exchange a single word.

Was able to show it in the video And 2:30 p.m.

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