February 2, 2023


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Gary Bowser convicted of hacking the Nintendo Switch

Gary Bowser convicted of hacking the Nintendo Switch

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December 7, 2021, 21:32

Gary Bowser has to pay more than $10 million in fines. This is the result of a civil lawsuit with the American company Nintendo.

Canadian hacker Gary Bowser should confuse $10 million (more than 40 million PLN) for Nintendo America. It happened as a result of a court ruling in a civil case. Convicts sold so-called mods for Nintendo consoles that allowed pirated copies of games to be played.

As a result of another federal trial, Bowser has already been fined $4.5 million (more than 18 million zlotys) and faces 10 years in prison. The current ruling relates to a civil trial in the same case.

10 million dollars

The Canadian hacker has collaborated with a group called Team Xecuter and since 2013 has been consciously involved in criminal activities, which have come down to, inter alia, breaking security in gaming devices.

More on the case of Bowser and Team Xecuter:

As part of an earlier agreement, the convict will admit that he is developing, producing and bringing to market various devices designed to circumvent security, allowing the play of pirated versions of copyrighted video games, known as ROMs.

nintendo Segao Bowser for years, but only October 2021 made some breakthrough in the matter. Then the scammer will face federal charges. Earlier, he was found in the Dominican Republic, then he was arrested and deported to the United States.

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