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How to View Chapter 49 ““In Turkey?” Masumlar Apartmanı, which airs weekly on TRT 1 from September 14, 2021, continues its season 2 success with great success.

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At Han was very upset after the meeting with Ceylon, but a phone call was able to reassure him. He thinks he was able to get rid of her, but it did not happen as he expected. Second, She was very scared when she walked down the street, but at last a familiar face helped her. She and Ceylon chat at a coffee shop.

On the other hand, we looked inside “Innocents” Safite and Naci decide to distance themselves, however, one event prevents it from happening: in the middle of the night the woman is in an unknown place, and the teacher returns to protect her. As the episode ends, Han takes a crucial step and it changes the tide of things. What happens now?

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The protagonists of “Innocents” (Photo: OG Media)

How to watch Chapter 49 of “Innocents” premiered on TRUQUÍA online?

Soap Opera “Innocents” Chapter 49, This TRT 1 was delivered in Turkey on Tuesday, November 30 at 8:00 pm. (Local time), which can be viewed online on YouTube and subtitles in Spanish and another language available on stage.

Of course, the dubbed version in Spanish can only be viewed when it arrives in Spain via the signal of the television channel Antenna 3, which has the broadcasting rights.

What happened in Chapter 49 of the “Innocents”?

After previous events, Han thinks only of revenge, although he is happy with the others. When, Ceylon has no intention of giving up. Meanwhile, a new crisis begins at home.

On the other hand, Safia’s fear grows stronger and stronger, and she realizes it Tomris is suffering from the disease. When he is isolated, he sends his family away from home. However, Nazi wants to be with his girlfriend, Even if they try to distance themselves. So, the teacher returns home.

Meanwhile, Gulpen is very excited to meet Assad’s friend, but when he goes to the meeting with his father, things go wrong. Hikmet does something that pushes both Gülben and Esat into a very difficult situation.

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From Hon Enfrenda to Safiye (Photo: OG Media)
From Hon Enfrenda to Safiye (Photo: OG Media)

What is “Innocent” about?

” ‘InnocentTells the life of Hon, a successful man who lives to support his ailing father and his two older sisters Safiye y Gulpen, Those who are obsessed with purity.

Inci, on the other hand, is a young woman with life-threatening problems living with her brother and grandfather after the tragedy of her mother’s abandonment. She is always trying to be with everyone and can not end the toxic relationship with her Fashionable, Her drunken boyfriend.

The paths of the two connect together Traffic accident, Inci helps Han and takes him to the hospital. The couple does not like the family of a young man who has to overcome many problems and achieve happiness.

Actors and characters of “Innocents”

  • Farah Zaineb Abdullah (Inc. Ostemir)
  • Birken Sogull (Hon Terenoglu)
  • Ezgi Mola (Safiye Derenoglu)
  • Merv Distor (Gulpen Terenoglu)
  • Atilla Şendil (Memduh Özdemir)
  • Ezra Rusan (Ezra Don)
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