Alan Wake Remastered Leaks!  First screenshots, scene comparison, update, very good price

Today we’ll see the first trailer for Alan Wake Remastered, but once again a store prematurely put the products into their catalog, so now we can look at the first screenshots of the updated game. Check out the screenshots and comparison.

British Amazon has added Alan Wake Remastered to its offering and production has been priced at £24.99, which suggests a lot that we’ll be buying the game for a very good price (PLN 130-159?). and you know Currently, the creators have confirmed the functionality is only accessible, but the appearance of the address in the store foreshadows a specific presentation.

It is very likely that Alan Wake Remastered will receive a free update from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and in the case of Microsoft consoles, the developers used Smart Delivery – the function is marked on the box.

The first screenshots showing the enhanced adventure also appeared on the product card. We’ll have to wait for the full trailer (it’s coming out today), but we can now take a look at a modest set – here we see one scene in the old and new versions.

This is what the first set looks like, but in the gallery you will find a number of photos that show Alan Wake Remastered.

Alan Wake Remastered - Comparison - Old and New 1

Alan Wake Remastered some photos:

Alan Wake Remastered - 1

Alan Wake Remastered - 2

Alan Wake Remastered - 3


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