Recording with the giant moon went viral.  If this is true, the results will be disastrous

Recently, a video allegedly depicting the ‘On Phenomenon’ has gained popularity on social media the border Alaska, Canada and Russia “where the Moon is very close to the Earth and seems to collide with it.” In fact, the video was computer generated and shared by its creator on Networks for the first time last year.

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The near-Earth giant moon is an internet sensation. It’s actually a computer imagination

The recording was analyzed by several editors. “NEWSWEEKHe indicated that it was first published by CGI (Computer Generated Image) creator Alexei Patrew, using the pseudonym aleksey__nz, on May 17, 2021. In the artist’s media you can find many similar images. animationVisualize the sky or space objects.

However, given the recording’s popularity – many shares, likes, and cheerful comments – some people believe the perception is true. “How are we supposed to fight Russian disinformation if it’s making a lot of noise on our internet CGI With the signature of the Big Moon as a video of a rare phenomenon from outside the Arctic Circle? asked Jacob Wiech, Deputy General of via Twitter. Entry “We lost,” added Marcin McCowsky.

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Recording with the giant moon went viral. If this is true, the consequences on Earth will be disastrous

When the video first went viral, it was accompanied by a description explaining that it represented the Moon as seen from the North Pole. Newsweek drew attention to inconsistencies between presentation and description. “diffuse tik tok She mentioned that it was filmed at the North Pole, which is completely covered in snow and ice. However, the film shows dry, grassy soil.”

The weekly also confirms that the Earth’s satellite rotates around its axis for about 27 days, so our eyes do not notice its movement on a daily basis. In addition, at the time of perigee, that is, the point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth, the distance from our planet is about 360,000. how much. However, the person in the registry appears to be much closer.

outlet Live Science confirms that if the moon In fact, it was close to the Earth as shown in the movie, the consequences will be dire – it will increase the force of gravity, and, accordingly, numerous floods, as well as earthquakes and intense volcanic eruptions.

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