Climate change, global warming.  Climate Central explains what the consequences of our harmful actions could be

The new Climate Central analysis shows the losses we may incur if we do not start reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Research published in the academic journal Environmental Research Letters shows that coastal towns and villages are seriously threatened by the consequences of climate change. To illustrate the severity of the situation, the specialists provided realistic visualizations. Many coastal cities around the world can find themselves partially submerged. Among the Poles are Gdynia and Gdansk.

Researchers at the non-profit organization Climate Central compared how much water levels in water bodies would rise in the event of global warming. They found that with a global temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius, water would be able to increase by up to 8.9 meters in 200-2000 years. In this pessimistic scenario, it is likely that about 50 different cities will disappear from the face of the earth.

For comparison – if emissions of harmful gases could be reduced and the average temperature rose by 1.5 ° C, the water level would be “only” 2.9 meters higher. Therefore, the more urgent measures are taken to prevent the effects of climate change, the greater the chances of survival of many cities.

scary future pictures

Experts were aware that research alone may not be enough to open some people’s eyes. That is why they illustrate their analysis with images from the Google Earth platform. By combining photographs and data, they obtained insights into future water levels at more than 200 coastal sites around the world. The collection, called Imaging Our Future, also includes video simulations and realistic footage of the water level that may soon surround us.

The research also took into account the situation in Poland. Projections show that if the global temperature rise is maintained at 3°C, the water could include, among other things, St. Mary’s Church and Duga Street in Gdask and the city center in Gdynia.

The organization has also created an interactive map comparing potential current and future coastlines to show how much land we could lose depending on how warm the planet is from human damage.

Materials provided in connection with the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference. The meeting, to which world leaders are invited, will take place in early November.

Main image source: central climate

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