Serpents 2023: Patrick Vega, Holy Spirit and Blessed Virgin Mary with nominations
Nominations have been announced for the Anti-Snakes 2023 Awards, awards for the year’s worst achievements in Polish cinema.

Węże 2023: “Invisible War” and “Gierek” are favorites

This year’s edition of Węży was dominated by Patrick Vega. His films have earned him nearly 20 nominations. He is the leader “invisible war”which is the same 13 chances to “win”. Patrick Vega’s movie catches up bravely “Jaris”any He received 12 nominations.

These two films outshine the competition. Next on the tandem list “365 Days: This Day” “Another 365 Days” has 9 nominations, “Love, Sex and Pestilence” – six, and “Where the Devil Can’t Send a Child” – 5.

Following the example of Golden Raspberry (which recently dedicated a category to Bruce Willis, which was later withdrawn) We created a separate category for the roles of Rafał Zawierucha.

It might also come as a surprise Nominations for the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Holy Spirit received a nomination for its screenplay “named”and the Virgin Mary – according to the creators themselves – is the producer of this picture, which is fighting for the title of the worst film. God is nominatedfor the worst dual screen with Patryk Vega.

Trailer for the movie “Invisible War”

Snakes 2023: Nominations List

Big snake
“365 days: this day” “365 more days” To the shock of the movie, the second and third times turned out to be worse than the first
“Where the devil cannot, he sends the child.” For the unleavened, childish approach to modern history, in which the heroines’ hairstyles are more expressive than the plot
“Jaris” Film-like publicity product and self-admiration for its authors
How I loved a gangster For a gangster drama devoid of action and suspense, its hero tries to tell to death
“End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4” To try to squeeze out the last drops of nostalgia for the movies we loved decades ago
“Love, Sex, and the Pandemic” There’s more to the clichéd plot and the pretense than box office returns
“invisible war” For not having the ability to speak for yourself
lesson plan For the fact that even scrapping accounts for a simple erotic plot turned out to be a lot of effort here
“named” For a bloated amateur attempt at evangelism that unintentionally entertains
“whore” For the fake distance and utter lack of emotion in the recipient. Not knowing the meaning of the word “CV”.

Barbara Pialof, Thomas Mendes – “365 days: this day” “365 more days”
Heathcliff Janusz Ioannovsky – “Where the devil can’t send a child.”
Daniel Markovic – lesson plan
Patrick Vega – “Love, Sex, and the Pandemic”
Patrick Vega – “invisible war”
Michael Wegerzin – “Jaris”

Holy Spirit – “named”
Michal Kalecki, Krzysztof Tischowitzky – “Jaris”
Blanca Lipinska, Thomas Mendes and Mojka Tears – “365 days: this day” “365 more days”
Olaf Olszewski and Patrick Vega – “Love, Sex, and the Pandemic”
Patrick Vega – “invisible war”

SEQUEL, PREQUEL, or the same story
“365 days: this day”
8 things you don’t know about men
“365 more days”
“End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4”

male role
Sebastian Della – “Love Sex and the Epidemic”
Michel Kotersky – “Jaris”
Michel Kotersky – “A crime story. A love story.”
Anthony Pawlicki – “Jaris”
Rafal Zuerucha – “invisible war”

The role of women
Malgorzata Kozuczewska – “Where the devil can’t send a child.”
Malgorzata Kozuczewska – “Jaris”
Małgorzata Kożuchowska – “whore”
Ana Mucha – “invisible war”
Anna Maria Sicloca – “365 days: this day” “365 more days”

DUO on the screen
“365 days: this day” And “365 more days”
Michał Koterski and Magurzata Koczowska – “Jaris”
Ana Mucha and Rafi Zarocha – “invisible war”
Anthony Pawlicki and Sebastian Stankiewicz – “Jaris”
Patrick Vega oh my god – “invisible war”

Less than talented performance
Peter Cyrus – “Kryptonium Polska”
Christina Janda – How I loved a gangster
Andrew Sirin – “everyone knows best”
Cesare Zack – “Jaris”
Cesare Zack – “Crime story, love story”
Artur Żmijewski – “whore”

The worst role for Rifai Zwerucha
Stefan Edziolek – lesson plan
Lukas “Krupnik” Kropinski – “Love on the first page”
Carol Lees – “Where the devil can’t send a child.”
Prime Minister Philip Ruiki – “Jaris”
Patrick Vega – “invisible war”

Embarrassing scene
The final settlement in the ruins of the palace duel brothers – “365 days: this day”
golf game – “365 days: this day”
Yaruzelsky pulls Gerik’s secretary by the hair – “Jaris”
audition for video – “invisible war”
Vega who refuses oral sex to Jesus – “invisible war”

Special care effects
headlamp – “Do not commit adultery and do not steal.”
Vega turned fat and back – “invisible war”
Portions of Kubrick, Lucas, and the Wachowskis’ films used in quotation rights – “invisible war”
Car accident – “hidden war
zombies – “Apocalypse”

video music video
Anya – Andrzej Piaseczny – Anya
If we – Natalia Lisz – “Jaris”
I’m just a girl – Maria Sadowska – “Love on the first page”
Botha Madre – Kacper HTA – “Crime story, love story”
Curators – Kubańczyk, Ewelina Lisowska, DJ Slavic – “Love, Sex, and the Pandemic”

“Where the devil cannot, he sends the child.”
“A crime story. A love story.”
“Love, Sex, and the Pandemic”
“Too big for fairy tales”

Translation of a foreign address
good life – “Greek holiday”
Lyle, Lyle Crocodile – Big green crocodile
the current – “King of the Internet”
Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank – How did you become a samurai?
Viens, je t’emmène (in French), nobody’s champion (worldwide) – “runner, whore, Arab, husband”

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