After his performance against Fury, Ngannou’s money message for Dana White: “I love him…

By Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Francis Naginno didn’t really have a good relationship with Dana White after leaving the UFC a year ago. At the end of his excellent match against Tyson Fury, he also made harsh comments about his former boss.

No one believed in his chances of competing with the best boxers on the planet, least of all his former employer. However, Francis Nagano proved his worth by standing bravely against Tyson Fury. An unlikely scene inspired fans to put his stormy departure from the UFC back on the table, and mocked a certain Dana White’s decision:

It’s crazy to see how we went from “Francis Naganno is the biggest loser in this whole story” to “Dana White is the biggest loser in this whole story”.

Nine months later, Frances Nganno is still teasing Dana White

Ngannou, a former UFC heavyweight champion, is out of the roster in January 2023. This was due to the Confederate leaders refusing to grant him many privileges and liberties, some of which were related to his recent English boxing bout. After his demonstration against Fury, it’s no surprise that Predator brought up Dana White’s lawsuit. In MMA hourHe mocked his former boss:

We should send him a call to ask what he thinks (about Saturday’s fight). I also want to know what he thinks about it.

Amused by the silence, Francis took the opportunity to discuss Whyte’s influence on UFC fighters.

You have to understand that Dana has power over many fighters. Many of them are just there to please the boss and have no identity of their own. They want to fit in, and you can’t blame them. It costs a lot to rebel and speak your mind. Some people don’t have that ability. Some are toys. I can’t be alone. For that I am very big and proud.

Coming off a fight against Tyson Fury, Francis Naginno showed no fear as he attacked Dana White again. It remains to be seen whether the latter will respond to him and discuss the struggle in the coming days.

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