After Anglade, QS spokespeople criticized the Tiktok video

Two co-spokespeople for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Manon Massé, engaged in a short dance on the social network TikTok, to a song with sexist lyrics.

The video was first criticized by Rosalie Tremblay-Cloutier, the press secretary of Coalition Avenir Quebec’s various candidates, who wondered on Twitter if “Québec solidaire now approves of misogynistic and violent words.”

In a brief video of about ten seconds posted online by comedian Emna Achor, the two unity chefs are seen giving a demonstration of a viral dance on Tiktok that uses the lyrics of “Hit you with the blickin rapper KJ. via tiktoker @k.comedy.

The uploaded clip allows the word “pitch” to be heard, but the entire lyrics turn out to be pretty misogynistic. The whole song is full of violent notes.

The song became a hit on Tik Tok when it was layered over animated grandmother dancing images, a trend that was later followed by many netizens dancing to it.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s press secretary, Sandrine Bourque, counterattacked by branding the environmental issue.

“Seriously, CAQ could have reduced GHG emissions by four years instead of increasing them if they put more energy into fighting climate change, as they find muddy “vortices” in QS,” writes Sandrine Bourque on Twitter.

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