After an illness, Julie Belanger reacts with her appearance when she returns to Ça Finit Bien La Semaine

we know, Julie Belanger had been ill for the past few weeks. He had to miss 2 weeks of filming for his TV show Ça Finit Bien La Semaine.

Like many people in Quebec right now, Julie has contracted Covid… and so has her co-host Jean-Michel Antill!

Both had to be replaced by new animators at the last minute. Julie Belanger was replaced by Marie-Ave Janvier, while José Gaudet returned to the set to replace Jean-Michel Antille.

This is all behind Julie now, which is great news! He re-animated during the final hours of filming.

We know that Ça Finit Bien La Semaine is always recorded a few days before airing on Fridays.

So it’s Julie Belanger who will be making an animated comeback for the next show…and she was amazing for this visit!

His striped suit look caused a ton of comments and we can understand why!

Julie was really radiant and beautiful to look at! Like she was really bored…we can understand her!

Here’s what he had to say along with the photos in question:

Finally back! 🥂
Covid ✔️ is over
So happy to see the beautiful gang of @jmanctil and @cfblstva 👯 ♂️
Appearance of the shoot:
Perfect fit 👌 @boutiquelyla
Jewelry @drae.collection
CCM 🔥🔥🔥
Photos: @vabrossard

As much as she’s excited about Ça Finit Bien La Semaine’s return to animation… we can understand that!

Here are all the photos of her appearance… and we understand many of the reactions to seeing pictures #2 or #3 with Jean-Michel Aunt.

Scroll down by scrolling with the arrows below:

1Julie Belanger again The Week Ends Well

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