Filming “Les Boys”: Untold Stories from the Cast

Did you know that Paul Haut got the role of Fernand, the famous Cherper des Boys, because of a little “professional lie” from his agent, his wife? Such are the stories Newspaper Collected from the actors and creators of the films, the special is told over 25 years children Two ballads Blue pocketAs part of ComediHa!.

“The atmosphere is really like a hockey room,” says the father of the concept childrenRichard Goudreau with Paul Houde on video call Newspaper.

“One morning, we were shooting Les Boys 3 Or 4and we had a problem with the production”, he begins. “I gathered all the boys in the room, kicked out the entire technical team, I locked the door and talked to them privately”, he says without going into details. “Then I said to myself: being on a real hockey team. Crime as such.”

“A Professional Lie”

Paul Haut will be the special guest Blue pocket This Sunday, he sat comfortably on a beach and read the script for the first film children. He will get another role.

“Francine called me to say: Richard, Paul is laughing on the beach, you should give him another role!” Mr. Remembers Gaudreau. “There she said to me: You know Paul had goals when he was young,” says the producer, who believed it was true even after filming began. “I believed in it for a long time; He didn’t do anything bad and he really looked like one goals!” he recalled, laughing.

“A professional lie”, mr. Hout is content to comment on the slight bounce in his shoulders.

Autograph exchange between stars and legends

Réal Béland, who will be on stage with Paul Haut and Michel Charette for the 25th anniversary special. children Presented by podcast Blue pocket and ComediHa!, shared with Newspaper He is the most important story of his time Les Boys.

“Shooting with Legends in Figure 4; We all wanted signatures from the star players, so Richard Gaudreau went to ask them,” the actor and comedian says in writing. “He came back into the room saying he wanted our autograph.”

Richard Gaudreau remembers this story like it happened yesterday.

“This is my most beautiful story of shooting children“, he says nonchalantly. “When I went to the Legends locker room to ask them if they wanted to sign the Boys’ Legends jersey, Raymond Bourque hit me up to ask if he could sign the Boys’ Legends jersey,” says Mr. Gaudreau.

“I had watery eyes; I felt the respect and admiration of both groups [les Boys et les Légendes] For one there was another”, underlines Boyce’s point of sale to Comediha! In 2020.

Because the shoot was not completely finished when all the autographs were put on the original jerseys, copies of the jerseys of both teams had to be used.

Legends didn’t care

Paul Hout admitted he feared ending up on the injured list while filming the fourth episode. children. Especially when the late Guy LaFleur was part of the scenes.

“Boy [Lafleur] Played one way, it was full speed,” notes the man who kept the goals for Les Boys. “Once, he fired a violent shot from the blue line that went very close to my mask before making a racket as it crashed against the bay window,” he says. “Richard jumps on the ice: Hey! Stop it! If you hurt my cast, we don’t have a movie anymore!” recalled the actor, while Mr. Gaudreau died of laughter on the other side of the screen.

“We had to keep reminding him that we were making a movie and it wasn’t a real piece; that says a lot about Guy LaFleur as a competitive man.

Stephen Richter also doesn’t spare Fernand’s awkward role between scenes. The Canadiens’ former No. 44 had fun blasting the goalkeeper, but the power of his shot was enough to scare the Big Boss off the film set.

“I had to remove the milk from the target; He was trying to stop Stephen Richter’s shots from the blue line,” he said. “I know actors are covered if they get hurt, but still!” he jokes.

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