“After 28 years.”  Will Cillian Murphy return to the role?
Cillian Murphy admitted that he didn't think of Danny Boyle as a zombie movie while working on 28 Days Later. Meanwhile, he revealed whether he would be ready to return to the role of Jim in “28 Years Later,” the sequel created by Boyle and Alex Garland.

Murphy: '28 Days Later' is still a relevant film

To be honest, I didn't know we were making a zombie movieCillian Murphy was revealed during a December audience interview for the “SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations” series, the recording of which has now been posted online. Around this time, the SARS epidemic broke out and there was a lot of talk about the aggressive behavior of airline passengers. So I never felt like it was a zombie movie. And I'm glad I didn't watch George Romero's films because I didn't know how respected they were.

28 days ago, there weren't many zombie movies. It was a somewhat dead species
recalls the actor. So Danny and Alex restart it.

Murphy added that the film has become relevant again during the COVID-19 pandemic. I've received an inordinate amount of “28 Days Later” memes during the pandemic – yes, I know what memes are, I confess. This is simply proof that good text can be prophetic. Always stay up to date.

The movie “28 Days Later” – trailer

Murphy's hero survived. Will he return in the sequel?

Murphy also talked about the fact that two endings were filmed: One in which his hero survives and the other in which he dies. The first film was released in cinemas. The actor revealed who he prefers: When I was younger and a little more nihilistic, I loved the image of two women living alone, men be damned. But I think I liked the hopeful version better.

However, Murphy concluded He is happy that his hero survived, because he can return in the next part. I'm present“, said the actor.

Does this mean Murphy will be back after 28 years? It's still hard to say. The statement about readiness to return comes from December. In the meantime, the actor remained – a little something! – He's nominated for an Oscar, which could change his availability – especially if he wins.

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